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For Subscribers, Booking Partners, ISVs & Technology Partners

Developers can use Mindbody's Public API to access the data from Mindbody businesses. For example, developers can retrieve class schedules, location information, pricing, and more.

The Public API is an HTTP-based API, that works with any language that has an HTTP library. Requests use standard HTTP verbs such as GET, POST, and DELETE, and all endpoints accept and return data in JSON format.

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For all developers looking to optimize their Mindbody integrations

Mindbody has introduced a Webhooks API, which allows systems to be built without having to perform long-polls against the Public API. This API is in Stable Release, ready for use with production applications.

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For those looking to develop on the Booker APIs

Do you want to build something using the Booker platform? Come check out the Booker APIs. If you have questions, please reach out to Contact API Support.

How to Access Booker APIs

What to expect


Activate your account

Fill out a brief form to get started. You will then receive an email with a link and login information for the sandbox.


Use the Sandbox

Test your code before it goes live and enjoy the freedom of experimenting with your creations without having to worry about the repercussions.


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With access to live data, you'll be ready to launch your Mindbody integration!

Monthly Pricing for Public APIs

Site Access

  • $11.00
    per integration, per location
  • 1,000
    calls per day, per location
  • 1/3¢
    for each additional call

Some Mindbody subscribers have multiple locations associated with their accounts. Our fees apply to the sum of locations associated with any subscribing sites provisioned during each 30-day billing period.

Consumer Bookings

  • $1.20 Per Class Booking
  • $2.40 Per Appointment Booking
  • $0 Per Virtual Booking (Live Streaming and Video on Demand)

Booking fees apply to integrations that aggregate and/or sell services sourced from multiple Mindbody software subscribers (i.e., Consumer Membership Models). Check out the class and appointment booking workflows for additional information.

Curious about pricing or partnering? Schedule a session with us via Contact API Support.

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