Who works with the API?

With the Mindbody API, you can integrate Mindbody data with your website or application. The API can be used to output live data from your Mindbody system to your main website. This gives you the advantage of customizing the data any way that you wish.

How do I start?

Have your developer sign up for our API. Once they have joined the program, and you've given them access to your site data using an activation link or code, your API integration can begin!

What does the Mindbody API do?

You can use the API to perform a variety of activities with site data, including:
  • Display your class or appointment schedule
  • Add clients into any of your services
  • Access client information and manage client data
  • Complete sales for services and retail products
  • Add and retrieve staff profile information and permissions

How does it work?

The Mindbody Web Service API is a system for allowing third parties to programmatically access Mindbody business logic and data. Security and access are ensured through access-control measures, and accountability is tracked using an auditing system.

The API's main goal is to allow easy bi-directional integration with third-party developers. Our API is developed using industry standard technologies (XML web services, SOAP, WSDL) to allow the broadest possible compatibility with the least amount of development time for both Mindbody developers and third-party developers.

How can I make my Mindbody site look like my website?

Third-party developers like to try different ways to get Mindbody data onto business websites, like hacking the CSS in our pages (which we don't officially support), and using iFrames (which are not related to Apple and are no longer supported by Mindbody). The only truly right way to do this is through the use of our API.

For the uninitiated, the API (Application Programming Interface) is a series of web pages (called web services) that we host. Third-party developers can call these services to business websites to grab or update data in corresponding Mindbody sites. If they want to get a class schedule, then they can call a method called “GetClasses” that returns all of their class schedule's glory in XML. Developers can then manipulate the data to display however you like.

Does Mindbody limit the number of calls you can make?

There is a 1,000 call limit per day when using the API. Once this limit is reached, you will be charged one third of a cent for every call. You will be charged to use the API only with live clients. Testing through the sandbox is free of charge, but is restricted to 1,000 calls a day.

Can I process credit cards through the API?

The Mindbody API has the ability to process credit cards, however this requires that the studio specified within the API request has an active merchant account with Mindbody. TSYS, Bluefin, Elavon, Paysafe, Ezidebit, and Adyen are the only API-supported merchant processors at this time, meaning that access is currently available to clients in the US, Canada (except Moneris clients), UK, EU, AU, NZ and HK. Non-credit card methods such as ACH, Direct Debit and SEPA are not supported by the API.

Can the API do everything?

Not yet. The ultimate goal is to allow all Consumer and Business Mode functionality through the API. The API is ever evolving to fit the requests of our third-party developers.

How do I contact Support?

If you have questions regarding the Mindbody API, please send them to [email protected].